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Underwater diving in the depths of Bosa

For those who are already in possession of the basic or advanced diving license, the sea of ​​Bosa and the central western coast of Sardinia offers a myriad of diving possibilities among shoals, underwater caves and walls colonized by extraordinary multicolored organisms where the precious red coral. A complete and uncontaminated submerged scenery enclosed in a few kilometers of coastline.

ITINERARY: You can embark from the convenient floating seat of the Bosa Diving Center, at the mouth of the Temo in the seaside village of Bosa Marina. From this point it is possible to reach in a few minutes by boat the most suggestive diving spots located both in the stretch of coast to the south and north of Bosa. One of the most suggestive dives not to be missed, and suitable for all levels of divers, is the Secca di Capo Marrargiu. A gigantic rock formation rises up to a few meters from the surface. Crystal clear waters are home to numerous forms of life: barracudas, white breams and lobsters that dwell within extraordinary canyons and mysterious caves. The dive starts from 5 meters deep with walls plunging down to over 30 meters deep colonized by the precious red coral.