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Snorkeling in the depths of Bosa

It is organized aboard an 8 m oceanic inflatable boat equipped with a large awning, comfortable benches and a large climbing ladder. Guests are given fins and masks for observing the seabed. The boat travels along the coastline for the observation and illustration of the pristine coastline of volcanic origin.

Along the way you will reach several diving points and make several stops.

ITINERARY: You embark at the floating diving center of the Bosa Diving Center located at the beach of Bosa Marina. The exit can have several itineraries:

North - along the volcanic coast until you reach the volcanic promontory of Capo Marrargiu which is doubled and you will visit the unusual caves of the Cape. The skipper will take care of making several stops for snorkeling. Along this route we will visit the seabed of: Cala Rapina, Casa del Vento, Capo Marrargiu (it is possible to visit the cave of the Pelicans if the weather conditions allow it).

South - first skirt the beaches of Porto Alabe, the small promontory of Columbargia with the tower of the same name. The first stop takes place at the stacks of Corona Niedda where you can admire the splendid seabed. Depending on the day and the weather conditions it will be possible to visit the basalt cliffs of Cabu Nieddu which contain extraordinary columnar formations similar to those of the Irish coast.